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We’re building life science companies that make an impact.

We create and identify companies that stand to benefit from our strategic insights, strong relationships, and capital investment. We strive to maximize a company’s potential by focusing on transactional business and efficient pipeline management. The potential opportunity and patient need for the technologies we invest in are validated by our discussions with physicians, payors and patients. Our approach translates into major improvements for patients and positive returns for investors.

Our Approach

Identify potential. Leverage expertise, relationships, and resources. Maximize growth.


We conduct a thorough analysis of every opportunity, with a focus on the company’s pipeline and industry synergies. Our consulting arm informs our decision-making by providing insights from physicians, payors, and patients. We weigh the risks and identify areas where we can create solid value.



Our team takes a comprehensive approach to every venture. Once a technology is clinically validated and the commercial potential confirmed through primary work with physicians, payors, and patients, our team leverages our strong relationships and capital resources to position companies for success.



We drive growth through collaborations and transactional support for the company’s pipeline. Our strategies are designed to maximize company potential, investor return, and patient impact.

We focus on growth opportunities that can achieve meaningful and lasting results.
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